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Embed wellness into your workplace.

At a minimum, any manager can hope that their employees will perform their work well. In the ideal world, all tasks will be executed with excellence, and employees will be enthusiastic, innovative team players who communicate and speak openly. 

My experience dealing with countless managers and hundreds of employees, is that when conflict is created, relationships are tainted and all quite often from a misunderstanding or a breakdown in communication. 

Employees are no longer invested in the company and show up doing the bare minimum. 

It is possible to create a culture that celebrates diversity, embraces differences, and remains focused on achieving the company's goals, even after conflict.

Hypnoga¬ģ Founder and Instructor Heidi Stenschke has decades of experience in both the blue and white-collar¬†industries.¬†

Her 20-years of experience in workplace communication and advocacy work includes conducting:

  • Large-scale conflict and resolution meetings.¬†
  • Multibillion dollar corporate negotiations.¬†
  • Convenor of multiple committees
  • Advocate of worker‚Äôs rights and social justice.

 The inspiration for Hypnoga came from her own experience and understanding of the need to really embody the change we seek.

Heidi saw many people experiencing workplace conflicts that led to burnout and disengagement. Drawing on her expertise in NLP, leadership, negotiations, and conflict resolution she enjoys supporting personal and professional growth to foster wellness and improve workplace dynamics.


Heidi‚Äôs Hypnoga¬ģ Workplace Wellness program exists to harmonise misalignments that cause workforce segmentation and thus fragmented results. It‚Äôs designed to tap into what drives team members and determine what shift needs to take place at the employee, team and organisational level to cultivate wellness in the workplace.

If you are looking to improve workplace culture, if you seek a program to provide practical skills to employees of personal growth and development, or if you simply want to reward you team with a positive experience, we can help.

Some skills and techniques Heidi can cover:

  • Develop effective rapport building skills
  • Improve communication skills to boost team camaraderie and performance
  • Bring awareness to the Mind/Body connection and its role at work
  • Simple and practical steps to minimise stress and overwhelm in minutes
  • Guided group hypnotherapy session for total relaxation, energy and increased performance
  • Easy-to-do stretches to iron out common stress patterns, pain and tension in the body
  • Plus much more!

The delivery and scope of the Workplace Wellness Program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each organisation. Programs can be delivered in a group setting or in 1-to-1 sessions. 

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