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“My capacity to thrive in today’s world is in direct proportion to my ability to connect with my inner wisdom.” – Heidi Stenschke

There’s a daily influence from the world around us, on who we should be, how our lives should look and what we should be doing. And, it can be hard to hear or tap into our own inherent wisdom, when the world’s distractions are so loud.

That’s why I founded Hypnoga®

I wanted to create an empowering practise that could guide people back towards their own internal compass, their inner self and inner wisdom.

I wanted to help people craving a calm mind and a loving connection with their body to have access to practise that helps cultivate an aligned way of being–not just on the yoga mat, but in their daily lives.

 Hypnoga’s vision is drawn from my journey of self-discovery. My ability to hold space for my students and clients with compassion and kindness is empowered by my experience overcoming years of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and rejection. I grew up in an environment where all of these were the norm.


I come from a town literally coined as 'Struggle Street'. Google it to see for yourself! And although my early life had been a winding path – beneath all the pain, the struggle and inner turmoil, there was a deeper knowing that I was made for more.

So, how did I turn it all around for myself? It started with watching infomercials.

One day, I was sold into an Anthony Robbins CD program. 

That’s when my life took a turn. By fate?  No.

It was my ability to listen to, and trust a deeper yearning and knowing I was made for more.

I trusted that 'knowing', and it assured me that my past circumstances didn’t have to define me. 

I learned that our circumstances don't define us, our decisions do.

Our circumstances are a direct result of our decisions, both conscious and unconscious. 

My ability to focus on things moment by moment was pivotal to the world opening up for me.

I catapulted into the senior role of Assistant State Secretary of the AMWU, NSW. To eventually hold the position of National President of the AMWU Food and Confectionery Division.

Prior to this, I worked as a labour hire casual moving from job to job until I landed a role in a food factory.  I advocated for what I believed was right and used my gift of speech to represent workers across the whole industry.



And I wasn’t going to stop there. My efforts resulted in my position at the Australasia International Union of Food Workers (IUF) Conference and also my graduation from the Global Trade Union Leadership Program at Harvard University, all while 3 months pregnant. 

I felt these achievements were beginning to reflect my true potential. And as I continued to grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally, I became more intune with my own inner wisdom. My success in my spirtual practise reflected my success in my career.

Of course, when you think you've got it all together, life throws the next curve ball. My parent’s became unwell and I made the conscious decision to leave my 6 figure career, pack up my house and support my parents in their home. 

The things I didn't mention? Marriage, Divorce, 2 ectopic pregnancies, 3 miscarriages and the birth of a healthy son. Never say never!


While the world was in lockdown in 2020, I locked down even further on my own personal growth. I became a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching and I immediately knew that a part of my work, my dharma was to empower others with these incredible modalities. 

 In summary, my life experiences, my circumstances and the introspective journey until this point, helped me realise that my existence penetrates the very planet we live on. I realised I'm a spiritual being in a physical body. This undeniable knowing invites a new depth of curiosity that continues to influence my life today.

In 2024, I teach and certify others as I enter year 3 of the NLP Master Trainer Program.

Hypnoga® is my expression of my dharma, my work. And if you have read up till this point, let me know.


Drop me a line at [email protected]

In Love and Light x