About Hypnoga®️


What is Hypnoga®?

Hypnoga fuses the most empowering elements of these modalities, providing an immersive and revolutionary experience with movement, mindset, and meditation.

Hypnoga leads students to an Inner Revelation for Outer Transformation. 

First, we move to generate energy. We lengthen and strengthen the body and raise the heart rate, cirucualting fresh blood throughout. Then we slow it down and allow the body to rest and integrate the benefits of the physical practice.

Next, as the body melts into the earth feeling rejuvenated and completely relaxed, we embark on a journey utilising the benefits of hypnosis to empower the mind at a conscious and unconscious level.

But that’s not all! In each session, we learn easy and practical skills to live a succesful life with fun and fulfilling relationships. We create the perfect setting to easily engage the body, empower the mind in order to rest the body and rest the mind to become receptive to the benefits of guided hypnotherapy. 

Save Energy. Save Time. Save Money. 

Forget travelling to 3 different locations on 3 separate occasions!



  1. Reduce stress & overwhelm.
  2. Increase flexibility, lengthen & strengthen the body.
  3. Learn easy to understand skills for success in life.
  4. Learn skills and strategies to create lasting change.
  5. Learn the importance of boundaries, and how to set and enforce them. 
  6. Experience complete relaxation.
  7. Learn to quiet the ‘monkey mind’.
  8. Develop greater self-awareness. 
  9. Improve relationships as we understand how our mind works.

10. We learn how hypnosis works and how it is used to influence consumer behaviour.
11. Learn to harness the power of the 7 main energy centres.
12. Experience community and genuine connection.
13. Become receptive to your inner wisdom.
14. Learn how to positively influence others with easy ‘should-be-taught-school’ information.
15. And so much more...

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the bypassing of the critical faculty to provide empowering suggestions to the unconscious mind. Think ofit like this: your mind has a trap door. This trap door is called a critical faculty. For hypnotherapy to work, we must bypass the trap door so new information can get in directly to the unconscious mind. New information at the unconscious level = new behaviours. 

What happens during a session of Hypnotherapy?

You are guided into a state of trance so that empowering suggestions can be accepted by the unconscious mind. This is critical in achieving excellent results in hypnotherapy. 

You see, the cause of our unwanted behaviours stem from our beliefs stored at an unconscious level. These beliefs are hiding in our blind spots. We are  unconscious of them. These unwanted behaviours likely served us well at some point in life, but we outgrow them. And out of habit, we blindly continue with the same behaviours despite the negative impact they have. By creating awareness of these blindspots, we create awareness of the cause of our unwanted behaviours.  This means, what was once in our blind spot, we now see. This gives us new  information that previously wasn’t available to us, and this new information allows us to eliminate old beliefs, and install new, desired beliefs. Old beliefs = old behaviours. New beliefs = new behaviours.  

When we know what the problem is, we are better equipped to resolve it.

So, what first?

First things first, You must find the right therapist. There must be trust in the therapist-client relationship or the process will not work. It is critical that you feel comfortable with your therapist. If you do not feel comfortable with your therapist you are likely to be resistant and unable to completely relax. Resistance in the process and a lack of trust with your therpaist will impede your results.

 Hypnotherapy works. The core of the work in hypnosis doesn't change, yet therapists will differ greatly because we each have our own personalities, traits, mannerisms, styles etc . In essence, for lasting results and the most positive experience, there must be rapport and trust with the client / therapist relationship. 

What is the trance state?

The trance state is very easy to achieve and feels very natural. It is a state of relaxation. You simply relax and follow the sound of my voice. At all times, you are in control. It is not possible for a hypnotherapist to make you do anything. We will only offer suggestions. You get to choose to follow, or not. The success of our work together is determined by your ability to follow my suggestions. Again, this is why it is critical that you feel comfortable with, and trust your therapist.

What are Suggestions?

Suggestions are a set of words that are offered to the unconscious mind during the trance state. The suggestions are designed to influence change at the unconscious level offered and are predetermined based on the discussions held early in the session. They are almost always crafted and offered in the clients own words. Using the client's own words allows the unconscious mind to easily and readily accept the suggestions. 

Acceptance of the suggestions is key to a successful hypnotherapy session.


What is the unconscious mind?

Think of the iceberg analogy. The tip of the iceberg is like the Conscious Mind (CM) and the greatest, biggest, deepest portion of the iceberg is like the Unconscious Mind (UCM). The tip of the iceberg, or CM does our thinking, the planning, and sets our agendas. The thoughts of the CM is dictated to by the UCM.

The UCM, the part of the iceberg that is not visible, is home to the commanding officer who dictates the activities of the command centre, or the CM.  

In other words, the CM is the worker and the UCM is the boss. The worker (CM) follows the plan laid out by the boss (UCM). The output (behaviour) of the worker (CM) depends on the plan laid out by the boss (UCM). To change the output, the boss needs to first change the plan. 

This is why we work with the unconscious mind and this is why a trance state is necessary. During the trance state we give the worker some time off and draft new plans directly with the boss. After our session, the workers have a new set of plans and as a result, begin to produce a new set of behaviours.



What is Yoga?

“True Yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived. Yoga doesn’t care about where you have been; yoga cares about the person you are becoming. Yoga is designed for a vast and profound purpose, and for it truly to be called yoga, its essence must be embodied.”
– Aadil Palkhivala

Yoga is ancient. Originating in India thousands of years ago, its sacred language is called ‘Sanskrit’ and while there is much literature on yoga today, it was orignally passed on by word of mouth. 

About 95% of what yoga truly is focuses on who we are, how we show up day to day and how we treat ourselves and all other beings. In comparison, a tiny portion of yoga is about the physical body. 

With that, the powerful blend of physical postures, breath work, and meditation fosters physical flexibility, strength, and a profound sense of inner calm and mental clarity. This is critical because the physical body is our vessel for navigating earth in this lifetime. There is truth in the old saying that ‘a healthy person has a million wishes, a sick person has only one.


GIven we only get one physical body, By unifying mind and body, yoga empowers you to cultivate complete well-being. Yoga serves as a movement of energy, including body movement. 

 Where some modalities focus on the mind and body,they often fail to address the spiritual component, there is imbalance. Yoga focuses on the spiritual element and the physcial body, but lacks the strategy to completely address the wounds of the psyche. This is why Hypnoga is so powerful. It utilises Hypnosis to serve the mind and Yoga to serve the body and spirit. Making it an excellent system for health optimisation.

In summary...

Hypnoga® is a catalyst for Inner Revelation for Outer Transformation.


Engage | Empower | Align

Engage the body

Lengthening and strengthening the body, circulating nourishing, fresh blood throughout.

Empower the Mind

Practical, easy to understand and easy to apply strategies and techniques are learned for day to day application to achieve success and fulfillement in all areas of life.

Align with with Your own Inner Wisdom:

Through re-establishing a connectiion with your own unconscious mind, you learn to connect with, know, hear and trust your own inner wisdom.